As a multi-media artist I have been producing artist shorts and artistically inspired videos on a variety of topics, ranging from serious artistic pursuit, wellness, historical art, musicians, music, legacy artists, physical fitness, comedy, and more. If you are interested in hiring, funding, sponsoring or need a commercial for your own business, send me an inquiry.

A closeup talk with artist and printmaker, Manuel Ruelas at Galeria Beso Maya (Fall 2019)

“Perfidia” sung by Estela Topete. Filmed and Produced by Artist Yadira Cazares, on location in Cuba (2016)

Live performance of the Experiment Band, filmed and produced by Artist Yadira Cazares. Exhibition opening for Ana Guadalupe Aviles @ Galeria Beso Maya (Nov 2019)

“Jazzy Cora” Work out Good Vibes Music created and produced by Yadira Cazares. Artist and dancer Cora F.D (Dec. 2019)

ASMR Poem in Español, performed and produced by Artist Yadira Cazares. On location in West Oakland, California (Fall 2019)

Bilingual Spanish Show about Recipes for cannabis joints, blunts, rolling techniques, wellness, healing, medicinal, fun social, spiritual, focus. EPISODE 1: Lovers Joint Recipe/ ingredients for love and harmony joint roll. Featuring artist Yadira Cazares.

Short Bio and conversations with Master Painter/Printmaker Andres Cisneros Galindo. Created and produced by Yadira Cazares. On location, artist studio in Richmond, CA (2017)

Artist/a Ana Guadalupe Aviles invite to Solo Show “Divine Femenina” Saturday December 14 2019. Filmed and produced by Yadira Cazares in Oakland, CA (Fall 2019)

Dream Work in English/Spanish , use dreams to connect with your unconscious. Creative project that is helpful and aide in wellness. Featuring and produced by Yadira Cazares (2019)