About Yadira L. Cazares

Artist | Gallery Founder & Owner | Community Leader

Creating colorful paintings for me is about surrendering to the mysteries of creation.

I don’t have a particular style of painting. I can tell you very simply that I am curious about the world, about alchemy, poetry in wet paint, language, plants, flowers, and our sacred right to consciousness. At any given moment my painting’s purpose grows and expands or dies out to a process.

I experiment visually, out of necessity, but most of the time it is meditation, to reconnect, to practice self-care. I yearn to create works that have both a spiritual element and excellent craft(wo)manship.

Currently, I am creating paintings on plexi-glass, glass and resin. I am interested in using light and shadows to extend the painting to a dimensional space. I call these “light sculpture paintings.” In this series, my subject matter is secondary and personal, which was an unexpected lesson I learned through this project. In search for the light, I find myself illuminating dark truths of my past. And at the same time I am illuminated, casting shadows where the light hits the paintings.

The painting entitled “Love” is a response to the Black Lives Matter Movement and a salute to queer men of color. I believe very deeply and out of experience that Art is the power necessary to feed our spiritual/intellectual belly. As an artist, art collector, and gallery owner, I have become full and abundant. Through it I have grown, matured and healed. I am grateful for all the beautiful community my art practice has brought into my life. I am a student, and art my teacher.

Contact Yadira at: galeriabesomaya@gmail.com