Yadira Cazares is a professional interdisciplinary artist, the owner/founder of Galeria Beso Maya, a community activist with over a decade of social work service, as well as, a graduate of the California College of the Arts (CCA). For over 10 years, Yadira has been painting, connecting, healing, teaching, curating, contributing and immersing herself in art and her local community. Foundationally, she is a figurative surreal artist working in acrylics and oils, but she doesn’t limit herself…

I don’t have a particular style of painting. I can tell you very simply that I am curious about the world, about alchemy, poetry in wet paint, language, plants, flowers, and our sacred right to consciousness. At any given moment my painting’s purpose grows and expands or dies out to a process.

Her work has been in dozens of exhibitions and galleries in the Bay Area, across California and Mexico. Yadira Cazares’ artwork is inspired by the concept of identity and utilized as a springboard for personal narrative. Her work delves into the kaleidoscope of culture, societal norms and gender. Yadira’s regular international travel infuses her work and business, combining her love of art, community, and culture.

Yadira Cazares of Galeria Beso Maya on location in Mexico City

I practice art-making because I believe that self-expression heals and has transformative value beyond the soul’s eye. I feel I am a storyteller, mirroring the practices of my abuela’s storytelling, of passing on knowledge and healing remedies through family traditions. Art is an integral piece to the fabric of society and a powerful tool for community building.

As creator and co-founder of the DAR+LUZ project, she is committed to serving Black and Brown artists in the Bay Area. DAR+LUZ was awarded the Southern Exposure Alternative Exposure Grant in 2017, for a mobile art gallery project that will bring art to the local community. This grant was developed in partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and is given in recognition of the independent, self-organized work of artists and small groups that play a critical and significant role within the San Francisco Bay Area arts community.

Yadira Cazares is also available for business and art consultation, commissioned work, and artist representation. Contact her at galeriabesomaya@gmail.com